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March 2006

Fingerprint Verification Competition FVC-061

In 2006 International Biometrical Association, which combines leading universities of the World in the sphere of Biometrics - Bologna University, San Jose State University, Michigan State University and Madrid Independent University organized Fingerprint Verification Competition (FVC) where they tested fingerprint identification algorithms with an aim to discover the best program elaborations in this sphere. 53 industrial companies and research institutions took part in the competition. The tests were realized on several data bases. The Sonda Technologies company took the first prize in the testing on fingerprint database created with optical scanners usage.

Fingerprint Verification Competition FVC-06

Stranger's access procent 1,0% 0,1% 0%
1 Sonda Technologies (Russia) 0,011 0,022 0,022
2 Anonymous 0,000 0,097 0,249
3 Suprema (Korea) 0,400 0,790 1,364