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Sonda to meet the PF of Argentina

Sonda to meet the PF of Argentina

On July 13 the Sonda Technologies Ltd. specialists had a meeting with the Argentinian police delegation headed by Mr. Guillermo Berra, Deputy Minister and Auditor General of the Security Service of the Interior Ministry of the Buenos Aires province.

17 July 2017

Sonda represented its products, including the Real-Time Identification System at the Embassy of Argentina Republic. The Deputy Minister registered his fingerprints in the remote database and personally tested the system. With the help of the mobile terminal he was identified in just a few seconds.

The Security Service is primarily to fight against corruption in the police staff. The Real-Time Identification System sparked a great interest in this regard. The possibility of using this system to control police staff was discussed. The security of mass gatherings like football matches and the fans selective control were considered as well. The matter of great concern for the Argentinian delegation were the forthcoming youth Olympic games where the rapid identification would be very handy.

Upon returning from Moscow Mr. G. Berra will be reporting the Interior Minister about the meeting with Sonda and presentation of the identification system. Argentineans would draft proposals on important projects for us to estimate requirements.