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New achievements of Sonda developers

New achievements of Sonda developers

Sonda continues to improve technology of fingerprint identification, develops and tests new software solutions.

20 April 2017

The company has presented the updated algorithms on two independent international testings:FVC - Fingerprint Verification Competition, Assessment of the probabilities of fingerprint identification errors - conducted by leading profile universities and laboratories from Italy, the United States, Spain , and PFTII - Proprietary Fingerprint Template Evaluation II, conducted by the National institution of Standards and Technologies of USA (NIST).

The FVC test operates on an ongoing basis and compares processing algorithms, speed and accuracy of fingerprint recognition, palms, fingerprint combinations and palms. Sonda successfully passed FV-HARD-1.0 - a special test that contains noise, distortion and deformation of images, which greatly complicates the identification of prints. This testing allows you to conveniently rank algorithms for recognizing fingerprints in terms of performance and the magnitude of recognition errors. According to various criteria and conditions, the algorithm Sonda is included in the first five. The results of the testing helped to assess the correctness of the approach in determining the direction of development of the algorithms Sonda, to see the prospects and outline the ways of further development.

Testing of PFTII NIST assumes use of templates of fingerprints of own development. During the test it has been carried out the assessment of quality of comparison one - to - one for 120 thousand data sets for each set combination of fingers. Thanks to the improved algorithm, Sonda specialists managed to achieve a noticeable improvement in the comparison of fingerprints even of very low quality, in comparison with the old version of the algorithm the probability of error decreased almost twice.

The general director of Sonda Technology, Anatoly Bokov, commented: «We have done a great and serious work to improve our software products. And results haven't kept themselves waiting. The carried-out tests have shown decrease in probability of mistakes almost twice that is confirmed with both internal testing, and the international NIST and FVC tests, significant in the field of biometrics. Our company has been developing biometric technologies for more than 25 years and despite the achieved results, we are not satisfied and pay great attention to new directions, we are looking for non-standard approaches for improving the technology of biometric identification. Researches are continuing – so, for example, now the task is set for our experts: to increase search speed by 1,5-2 times. And we are sure that it will be solved in the nearest future.»