Thu, 26 May 2022
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Searching speed - 2.5 times higher!

Searching speed - 2.5 times higher!

The Sonda developers have made a new advance. They have improved the core of the identification program so that the fingerprint comparison speed increased 2.5 times without losing identification accuracy.

20 July 2014

In 2013 on testings conducted by the Informatics Problems Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (IPI RAN) the Sonda identification program showed the best results for the set of searching speed and error rate. In the previous version the average searching speed was 1.9 seconds on the database of 2 500 000 ten-prints. In the new version this indicator reduced to 0.7 seconds while maintaining the same error rate values. Such speed indicators are in line with the latest developments of the world's biometric leaders.


This achievement will greatly improve the modern biometric identification systems. Primarily that is police applications - AFIS, Rapid Identification System, where speed rates of identification are crucial. Much faster will be and civil applications like access control and payment systems, school and school-canteen systems and others.