Thu, 26 May 2022
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Biomertical solutions on cybersecurity conference

Biomertical solutions on cybersecurity conference

On September 23, at the Congress Park of Hotel "Ukraine" the IX International Conference BIS Summit 2016 has come to the end. More than 800 participants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Malaysia, Argentina and other countries of near and far abroad discussed the questions of information security concerning all.

23 September 2016

At the conference, presentations were made by more than 20 international and domestic experts. The discussions raised acute problems and where were discussed trends in cyber security. 2 plenary platform and 4 thematic exhibition sections were worked in the conference at the same time, where were demonstrated the best information technology and information security solutions. Biometric solution Sonda was also presented at the stand of SKOLKOVO.

System for the rapid identification, a key product of the company in the framework of the SKOLKOVO project, was presented in a new version with improved accelerator searches, which allowed to cut by half the time of identification, while preserving the accuracy at a consistently high level. Also on the stand were presented biometric scanners, which have no analogues in Russia and abroad. By means of a unique concave prism such scanners read out 120 ° the surfaces of a finger and provide high quality of the received fingerprints and recognition accuracy.

Unique biometric developments of Sonda become an exact and well-tried remedy of identification of the person that is one of the major conditions for ensuring information security.