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We are 25!

We are 25!

On the 26th of March, 2016 the group of companies "Sonda" celebrates its anniversary. For 25 years our company has ranked among the five world leaders and has become a leader in Russia in the field of identification by fingerprints. Today, Sonda is one of the leading brands in the world of biometrics.

24 March 2016

25 years ago it all started with the idea of developing a system of identification by fingerprints. In 1991, a few like-minded people United in the group has been developing a new and unusual product. And in a year first AFIS was put into operation in Magnitogorsk city. Over time the small group of enthusiasts has grown up in a solid group of the highly professional experts capable of the solution of the most complex challenges.

During 25 years of vigorous activity the company has installed systems of identification for forensic experts in 15 countries of the FSU and beyond. At the same time the specialists have developed systems for civil application. More than a hundred educational institutions across Russia have successfully used elaborations of Sonda. The system of identification of the military personnel is introduced to 600 army canteens from the island Novaya Zemlya to the island Russky.

25 years in difficult economic conditions is a decent age for any company. We hope, that Sonda will continue dynamically to develop, and we'll bring a lot of benefit to people.