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Biometric technologies reach a new level

Biometric technologies reach a new level

Specialists of the company Sonda Technology have developed a new developer package in the standard configuration - SDK SE-5.0

25 April 2017

The new package has received completely updated algorithms of prints templates formation and their comparison which have personified results of laborious scientific research and practical practices of developers of the company. Testing of the turned-out product on own database showed improving. Due to the unique fingerprint pattern description system, the identification accuracy has increased by 1.2-1.8 times, and the search speed is 1.5-2.5 times, which corresponds to the characteristics of similar products of the world's leading companies in the field of biometric identification by fingerprint. Also, the time for forming templates was significantly reduced.

SDK-5 will significantly improve modern biometric identification systems and expand the use of biometrics in civilian spheres. Using this development, it is possible to create reliable biometric systems for any purpose where fingerprint identification is required, including access systems, time tracking systems, and modern payment systems.

«The new SDK fully meets the modern technical requirements for fingerprint identification systems,»commented technical director of Sonda Technology Alexander Mosunov. - «We took into account the wishes of our customers-users of the system, substantially revised the software part of the SDK, significantly improved the algorithm of the program, made their long-term research achievements in the working part of the program. As a result, there was a definite breakthrough in search technology - speed and accuracy increased significantly in comparison to the previous version.»