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The Next Gen AFIS at INTERPOLITEX-2015

The Next Gen AFIS at INTERPOLITEX-2015

Sonda introduced AFIS of Next Generation at INTERPOLITEX-2015, the XIX International Exhibition on means of state security provision, which was held in Moscow last week.

27 October 2015

The searching speed of the new system is hundreds of times higher compared to conventional AFIS due to unique special accelerating algorithms developed by the Sonda team. Now it takes only a few seconds to identify a person on the database containing hundreds of millions of records. Salient features include access to server via the web-interface, all operations are performed on the server side so there is no need to install any special software. Thus the new system allow verifying a person quickly on the spot any place, any time and on multimillion databases.

In the IPI RAN (Russian Academy of Science) testing the Sonda's algorithm showed the best results combining high matching speed and low error rating. In the latest large-scale and most remarkable international tests carried out by NIST FpVTE-12 Sonda was in top five of the best developers in the world along with three biometric giants: NEC (Japan), Morpho / Safran (France) and 3M Cogent (USA). The Sonda's algorithms provided greater accuracy while limiting time and computational resources for most finger combinations.

Sonda also produced the family of fingerprint scanners, including Sonda's unique scanners LS1FP and LS2FP, which have no analogues in the world. The unique equipment and Sonda Next Gen AFIS would allow to significantly improve the forensic efficiency on multimillion databases of palm and fingerprints.

In addition the Sonda team expanded its biometric solutions to civil field of application such biometric access control or fingerprint payment systems. As Anatoly Bokov, CEO, said in his interview to the Evening Moscow newspaper, «...we have already developed the fingerprint payment system for canteens of the Ministry of Defence. Our system on the base of fingerprint identification was installed in several Moscow schools. After all children tend to lose their cards or passes. In the nearest future we are going to launch a pilot project along with one of the largest banks and the food retail network, which will use the newest technology».

The Sonda Next Gen AFIS was appreciated by experts and visitors who showed considerable interest in it. More than 200 participants visited the exposition. As a result of participating in the exhibition Sonda agreed with the Ministry of Interior authorities to carry out trials on a database of 10 millions records to obtain detailed estimation of the system.