Thu, 26 May 2022
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On March 26 the Sonda team is celebrating its 30-th anniversary!

30 years ago a few like-minded people united in a group and decided to develop an unusual product - the identification system based on fingerprint.

New Sonda’s algorithms on FVC

Sonda submitted two new algorithms on the regular Fingerprint Verification Competition - the advanced fingerprint algorithm and the algorithm of palmprint identification. Results were published on July 14 for fingerprint algorithm and on July 18 for palmprint algorithm.

Sonda to meet the PF of Argentina

On July 13 the Sonda Technologies Ltd. specialists had a meeting with the Argentinian police delegation headed by Mr. Guillermo Berra, Deputy Minister and Auditor General of the Security Service of the Interior Ministry of the Buenos Aires province.

Biometrics in Banking

Biometrics in Banking

Biometric Solutions for Bank Services

Biometric solutions are widely used in various fields of our life from forensic science and medicine to access control and time & attendance tracking. In banking service from access control to protection of bank deposits, bank's assets, personal data or databases.

Here are some of the biometric applications for banks: physical and logical access control, time & attendance tracking, access to depository and deposit box, ATM by fingerprint, crediting, authorization and payments via Internet, fingerprint payment systems.

Biometric access control

  • Restrict employee's access to specially protected areas and office buildings.
  • Access by fingerprints solely or in combination with a pass.
  • Assignment of individual modes of passage for employees (personal right and access time for restricted objects).
  • Unbiased working time tracking.
  • Automatic monitoring of attendance of restricted facilities.
  • Integration with security systems and video surveillance.
  • Automatic formation of accounting documentation on all events.

Access to restricted facilities

  • Multi-biometric access control.
  • Mounting biometric scanners in lock chambers.
  • Video capture and multi-biometric identification based on fingerprint and facial geometry.
  • Integrated biometric authorization of all employees.
  • Individual passage mode to each restricted point.
  • Automatic recording of all events.

"Alarming" finger

Customer can use a specially registered finger to alarm the police guard and bank management in case of opening the door under compulsion.

Information security

  • Access to databases of customer accounts and conducting financial transactions with them.
  • The bank staff could use fingerprints instead of passwords or in combination with passwords to increase data security as well as convenience for operators.
  • Protecting PC from unauthorized access.
  • Access by fingerprint to bank assets, databases or network resources.
  • Log in special programs by fingerprint.

Protection of individual safe deposit boxes

Secure access by fingerprint to the depository for staff and registered customers. It excludes the human factor and replacement of a person as well as losses related to forgotten passwords and PIN-codes or loss of key. All events are automatically recorded.

ATM: Fingerprints instead of cards

Protecting customers' accounts from fraud. Customer could use several fingers to increase security and reliability.

  • Identification speed is 1-2 sec.
  • It is a person to identified but not the card.
  • No additional expenditures are required.
  • Fingerprints are safe to use.
  • Finger is always with you and convenient to apply, it can not be lost or forgotten.

ATM: Secure technology

Sophisticated scanners and additional software protection could prevent from fake fingers.

Interception of fingerprint image is not possible due to image processing and encryption right in the scanner.

Applying finger under duress

Excluded by "alarming" finger. On registration one of the fingers can be marked as "alarming". When a customer puts it on the scanner his card transaction is canceled and alarm is transmitted to the bank security service.

Lending: Monitoring borrowers

Objective control of borrowers from bank by biometric (facial photo, fingerprints) reveals unscrupulous borrowers and helps to eliminate attempts to obtain loans on someone else's passport and reduce errors in paper work.

Detection of fraud borrowers is most effectively in cooperation with the Bureau of Credit Histories, which database stores information about unscrupulous borrowers who had credit agreements with the other banks on different passports or had problems with loan repayments.

Monitoring borrowers: Key features

The banks security service could advise a customer to register from 2 to 10 fingerprints. A higher number of fingerprints increases reliability of identification and evidential force in the case of judicial proceedings.

Fingerprints are stored in a central database in encrypted form. Unauthorized use is impossible.

It can be integrated with other systems of the bank - loyalty programs etc.

Monitoring Borrowers: Benefits for Bank

  • Reducing the risk of collusion of bank employees and swindlers.
  • Excluding cases of illegal acquisition of credit or errors in preparation of contracts.
  • Creating and storing an evidential database to investigate cases of fraud or errors.
  • Increasing interaction with law enforcement agencies to prevent and combat crimes associated with credit or financial operations.
  • Creating loyalty programs for conscientious borrowers.