Thu, 26 May 2022

On March 26 the Sonda team is celebrating its 30-th anniversary!

30 years ago a few like-minded people united in a group and decided to develop an unusual product - the identification system based on fingerprint.

New Sonda’s algorithms on FVC

Sonda submitted two new algorithms on the regular Fingerprint Verification Competition - the advanced fingerprint algorithm and the algorithm of palmprint identification. Results were published on July 14 for fingerprint algorithm and on July 18 for palmprint algorithm.

Sonda to meet the PF of Argentina

On July 13 the Sonda Technologies Ltd. specialists had a meeting with the Argentinian police delegation headed by Mr. Guillermo Berra, Deputy Minister and Auditor General of the Security Service of the Interior Ministry of the Buenos Aires province.

Pay by Touch

Pay by Touch

Purchasing By Fingerprint Identification

Sonda Pay makes your payments fast and easy with just one touch of your finger.

How does it work

When paying for purchases a buyer puts his finger on the live scanner. The system identifies him and runs payment procedure which a method chosen under registration. At the same time the system automatically runs an individual loyalty program. It can be cumulative discounts, bonus points, personal offer: birthday discounts, information on products or services of buyer’s interest, etc.

The POS terminal displays the total amount for purchases to be automatically charged off the buyer’s account and an informational SMS message goes to the buyer’s mobile phone.


Citizens participating in this project take hold a voluntary registration beforehand at registration points:

  • vendor offices,
  • special operators offices,
  • banks participating in the project,
  • home via Internet if a live scanner is available.

On registration citizens choose their own method of payment:

  • bank card (automatic debiting money from a bank card without presenting the card itself),
  • e-Wallet,
  • special account at the bank involved in project.


The program allows to customize the level of security of the individual customer account. Optionally the customer could use not just one but two or more fingers setting its own algorithm for each. When performing large amounts the buyer could use another finger or two.

In addition different fingers could be used in various retail outlets and even at different times by setting limitations for each case. Customer is free to set his own notification threshold and to receive automatically info messages to his mobile phone when purchases amounts exceed it.

Customer is able to protect himself from purchases made under the threat of violence having registered «alarming finger». In this case the system blocks all transactions and alerts the nearest point of law enforcement.


Get rid of cash and bank cards (which you can lose or forget at home)
Purchase fast and easy (identification and payment take only 3-5 seconds)
Participate in loyalty programs (loyalty programs run automatically at the same time you touch the scanner and there is no need to obtain loyalty cards which also you can lose or forget)
Higher-ranking safety (no one else but you can conduct transactions on your account since fingerprints are not transferable or fabricated)
Control your expenses on the special site

Benefits For Customers

  • No need to remember passwords or carry bank cards and cash for shopping.
  • Acceleration of payment, reduction of waiting, purchasing without queues.
  • Purchases, bonus, discounts, loyalty programs - all this by just one touch of your finger.
  • Individual programs for cumulative discounts.
  • Secure payment operations and full control over them on a special website.
  • One bank account for purchases and common loyalty programs for all family members.

Advantages For Sellers

  • Cashless payment with regular customers, reducing costs to work with cash.
  • Accelerating customers service. Buyer’s identification and payment take only 3-5 seconds.
  • Saving overhead expenses when paying with bank accounts in comparison to paying with credit cards.
  • Attracting and retaining loyal customers by increasing the payment convenience and individual loyalty programs.
  • Biometric accounting records of transactions at cash registers.
  • Independent from management time tracking of all employees by fingerprints.

Use of fingerprints is absolutely safe for customers

The system database does not store the fingerprint images but only their mathematical templates. It is impossible to reconstruct the real fingerprint image from such a template as well as to use this template anywhere else but the system.

Sonda biometric technology allows recognition of any fake finger.