Wed, 06 Jul 2022
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On March 26 the Sonda team is celebrating its 30-th anniversary!

30 years ago a few like-minded people united in a group and decided to develop an unusual product - the identification system based on fingerprint.

New Sonda’s algorithms on FVC

Sonda submitted two new algorithms on the regular Fingerprint Verification Competition - the advanced fingerprint algorithm and the algorithm of palmprint identification. Results were published on July 14 for fingerprint algorithm and on July 18 for palmprint algorithm.

Sonda to meet the PF of Argentina

On July 13 the Sonda Technologies Ltd. specialists had a meeting with the Argentinian police delegation headed by Mr. Guillermo Berra, Deputy Minister and Auditor General of the Security Service of the Interior Ministry of the Buenos Aires province.

Proven Advantages of Sonda's Biometric Identification Technology

Sonda’s fingerprint identification algorithms provide greater identification accuracy, high matching speed and saving computational resources due to the unique fingerprint model protected by patents. The base of that model is a fingerprint topological description. With that model Sonda’s identification method is tolerant to nonlinear deformation, scaling, translations and rotations of fingerprints.

The high level of Sonda’s identification technology has been repeatedly confirmed in independent testing (FVC-2004, FVC-2006) conducted by the International Biometric Association and in SlapSeg04, MINEX, FpVTE12 conducted by the US National Inst. of Standards & Technology (NIST). According to the results of the most significant and large-scale testing FpVTE12 (Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation), (NIST official report), Sonda entered the top five world leaders.

Sonda's software development kits (SDK) are designed for integration of fingerprint identification into wide range of civil and criminal applications, including criminal AFIS, national IDs, access control and payment systems and many others. All Sonda SDKs can be easily integrated into any system. Sonda provides one of the most rapid, accurate and cost-effective biometric solutions in the world.

Sonda SDK Standard Edition performs basic operations with fingerprints: capturing fingerprint images with scanners of different kinds, creating templates and matching in 1:N and 1:1 modes.

It uses templates of both Sonda format and ANSI/INCIST 378, ISO 19794-2 international standards. The Sonda SDK algorithm has shown excellent results in the international testing carried out by FVC, MINEX, IPI RAN, NIST.

Fields of application: biometric identification applications such as physical or logical access control systems, time & attendance tracking, national passport or visa, election control, driving license, bank transactions and others.

Sonda SDK Professional Edition is designed for major civil applications with databases of unlimited size. Sonda SDK PE built on the Oracle database system. SDK PE has a scalable architecture and fast performance due to search distribution.

High searching speed is achieved due to special accelerating algorithms. Real time requests processing based on a scalable server architecture.

The Sonda SDK algorithm has shown excellent results in the international testing carried out by FVC, MINEX, IPI RAN, NIST.

Fields of application: national passport or visa, election control, driving license, bank transactions, large-scale national security systems and many others.

Sonda QA SDK specifically designed for the rapid assessment of the quality of fingerprints obtained with biometric scanners. It is indispensable on registration stations for operational quality monitoring of fingerprints on input.

Sonda SID SDK is specially designed for seafarers' biometric identification systems and used to create any applications to operate the Seafarers' Identity Documents.

Sonda SID SDK was certified by the International Labour Organization and meets the requirements of ILO SID-0002 standard: "Finger Minutiae-Based Biometric Profile for Seafarers’ Identity Documents".

Sonda Segmentation SDK provides segmentation of whole palm prints, segmentation individual fingers from 2, 3 or 4-fingerprint images. The application works with any images obtained with biometric scanners or paper-tenprints.

Sonda SDK Segmentation algorithm successfully passed NIST SlapSeg-04, NIST SlapSeg-11 testing.

Key Features of Sonda SDK

High accuracy and reliability of the algorithm confirmed by the international testings: NIST, MINEX, FVC, SlapSeg, IPI RAN.
Full certification of NIST MINEX (ANSI/INCIST 378), ISO 19794-2 standard support.
Support of databases of unlimited size: up to tens and hundreds of millions of records.
Tolerance to nonlinear deformation and scaling of fingerprints.
Tolerance to fingerprints translations and rotations up to 180о in either direction.
Reliable and fast matching of both rolled and flat fingerprints.
Fingerprint images quality control.
Adaptive image processing. The algorithm determines the integral features and extracts minutiae automatically and works steadily even with poor quality fingerprints.
Identification of a finger with a small number of features (to 5).
Identification of a person with several fingerprints of different fingers.
Processing of fingerprints obtained from any media.
All types of biometric scanners support.
Highly reliable technology proven by users in more than 30 countries over the past 20 years.
Flexible licensing and reasonable prices.