Thu, 26 May 2022
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On March 26 the Sonda team is celebrating its 30-th anniversary!

30 years ago a few like-minded people united in a group and decided to develop an unusual product - the identification system based on fingerprint.

New Sonda’s algorithms on FVC

Sonda submitted two new algorithms on the regular Fingerprint Verification Competition - the advanced fingerprint algorithm and the algorithm of palmprint identification. Results were published on July 14 for fingerprint algorithm and on July 18 for palmprint algorithm.

Sonda to meet the PF of Argentina

On July 13 the Sonda Technologies Ltd. specialists had a meeting with the Argentinian police delegation headed by Mr. Guillermo Berra, Deputy Minister and Auditor General of the Security Service of the Interior Ministry of the Buenos Aires province.

Real Time Rapid Identification

High Speed, Accuracy and Reliability: Identification on multi-million databases in just a few seconds.

The Real Time Identification system is for rapid confirmation or identification of a person right in the field by fingerprint matching in multi-million  databases.

Access to the system database is available from any computer via Internet (no special software required) or from any mobile biometric terminal.

The identification technology is based on the special accelerating algorithms, advanced data structure and unique templates (a template contains concise information about fingerprint).

Databases are formed by collecting fingerprints from registration stations and importing fingerprints from any system using international data-sharing protocols ANSI/NIST of FBI and Interpol versions.

Problem and Solution

Currently, there is no quick way to identify citizens or verify their ID-documents, which would operate in real time on a single multi-million national database including the international Black Lists. The need for the rapid identification is growing every day worldwide.

The Rapid Fingerprint Identification System developed by the Sonda team is capable very fast in the field to identify or confirm a person by fingerprint matching in the multi-million database, which could significantly enhance the security of mass events and conduct operational checks of detainees and suspicious persons.

Rapid Identification System Key Features

Tenprints input in fully automatic mode without operator. Specially trained personnel is not required.

Searching speed is hundreds of times higher in comparison with AFIS of old generation due to special accelerating algorithms. Significantly reduce the number of matchers and eventually cost of AFIS.

Access to the central AFIS via WEB - interface. Allows real-time identification of citizens right on the street using mobile devices. No need to install client’s software.

Simple traces coding from crime scenes. Performed automatically eliminating the hard laborious task of drawing a skeleton pattern.

Fields of Application

Disclosure of crimes by fingerprints and palm latents;
Identification of detained citizens;
Identification of prisoners and supervision of their resettlement;
Issuance of biometric passports and ID cards;
Issuance of biometric visas and control of foreign nationals;
Control of illegal immigration;
Monitoring elections;
Control of borrowers from banks.